Leggy Lana  

Welcome to my home,make yourself comfortable,relax and share my foot fantasies with me. First,let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Lana Cox.I was born and raised in Russia,in a small suburban town near Moscow. My mum was a nurse and my dad was a college teacher,so I was raised in a typical middle class family.

I was an inquisitive child and did very well at school.My favourite subject was English,that later developed into a passion. I never had a doubt what I wanted to do when I finished school,it had to be linguistics. So I went to university to study English further and later graduated with a degree of English,Russian and German. On my last year I took a part time job as an interpreter and,as soon as an opportunity presented itself,I moved to England in 1991.


Watch me playing footsy with my office boy

I've asked him to massage my feet again and seeing the massive bulge in his pants I wanted to see the goods.So I got him to get his throbbing cock out and wrapped my little feet around it.His cum was so hot,I couldn't wait to taste it from my feet.Mmmm.....


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